In a world where the vulnerable continue to be exploited, St. Luke Medical District takes very seriously our responsibility to safeguard the physical, emotional and spiritual health of every person in our care. Using the tools provided by our Diocese, we make every effort for the safety and care of our congregation and staff.

If you see something, say something!

Protecting our people, and especially our children, works best when everyone is aware, mindful and in communication. If you see something that concerns you, please share your questions or concerns with our Rector, or to Canon Kimberley, our Associate Rector and diocesan Ombudsman. If you have concerns that need to be directly addressed by Bishop Todd Hunter, please email his administrator, Eric Vinson. Sensitive conversations will be addressed with care, respect and discretion.

If you would like to make an official report to the diocese as a whistleblower, you may click here and follow the necessary steps.

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Child/Youth Protection
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
C4SO’s Whistleblower Policy

We would appreciate your ideas and input! If you have any feedback or new ideas to share, please contact our Rector