Better Together

Join us at an event!

- Special services
- Fellowship gatherings
- Service opportunities
- Community group meetings

Missional community groups

MiCo Groups are gatherings of people in living rooms, all
around Dallas, who are on a journey together to become
more like Jesus. Each group is a little different, but they have 3 things in common:

1. Form: gathering to eat, discuss, learn, share, and pray.
2. Practice: Each semester, the group does at least one missional activity to serve others.
3. Schedule: Seasonal on-ramp & off-ramps to make room for changes, because, life.

Who do you already know that you’d love to spend intentional time and grow with?

Ask them to start a MiCo Group with you.

Our shared life

The big moments in our lives are big opportunities to learn more about our walk with God. Our pastors and communities would love to support you in life's big moments:

Tuesday morning prayer

Every Tuesday morning at 7:30, we gather together on Zoom for a 15-minute Morning Prayer. Attendees are muted and no cameras are required.
Feel free to submit a prayer request below. Prayers received after 6pm on Monday may be held for a later session.